Ebury Bridge Renewal Project, for Westminster Council

So pleased to finally be able to show this video I made with Westminster City Council, interviewing those involved in the Ebury Bridge Estate Regeneration. From the architects, to the planners, to the residents, I met the stakeholders that are making this project a success. 

The development happening in that area is going to make a huge difference to residents and local businesses.

Argo Property Group Staff Portraits

Argo Property Group asked me to photograph their staff around their beautiful office on Portland Place, London. With so many nice location to choose from, it was tough to narrow them down to a few to keep the day on track. That said, I think we got some keepers!

Split Banana — Reshaping Sex Ed

It was great fun to photograph one of the Sex-Ed training days for teachers and practitioners by Split Banana. I certainly learned a thing or two about the sorry state of the subject in schools nowadays! Not that my French school was any better, mind you, but at least I didn’t have the barrage of ‘extra’ information coming at me from the dreaded ~social media~ in my teens…

Hopefully these images help them in their mission to reshape sex-ed for all. Check them out! 

Volcap Professional Headshots

Imagine turning up to a job interview in pyjamas. Imagine purposely pouring coffee down your top just before meeting an important client.

Sounds ridiculous right? Well, that’s sort of what it looks when people see your profile online with a zoomed in photo from the last wedding you attended, or that shot your company took on a phone a few years ago.

Wouldn’t it be better to have something sharp and clean, to put your best foot forward? 100%.

Settle – Empowering young people, preventing homelessness

I loved the time I spent with the team at Settle, and they’ve just completed their campaign with Big Give, where any donations made to their life changing work with young people were doubled.

Congrats to them, and I can’t wait to see what a difference the campaign has made. 

Definitely check out the film they made for the campaign here too: https://bit.ly/3dvl3Xj 

Fat Macy’s Crowdfunding Campaign

Working with repeat clients is priceless. It means that we can develop a style and make better and better work together. That’s exactly what happened with Fat Macys and this crowdfunding video for their new Shoreditch restaurant and training kitchen.

We worked across several locations, interviewing some of the people that make Fat Macys what it is. And best of all, because we’ve worked together before, we had plenty of footage in the archive to tell the story of Fat Macys from the early days.

The result is an authentic video that played a key role in persuading the public to back Fat Macys’ new restaurant and training kitchen. I couldn’t be happier to have been a part of the campaign’s success!

If you’d like do discuss a video for your business, get in touch!

Volcap Leadership Editorial Shoot

One of the great thrills of being a photographer is solving problems on the day to get the shot we need.

For this shoot, we tried a couple of locations before finally landing on this lovely atrium space (I think it’s just a service area for the air-con) in their offices. Lights were set up, exposure taken, and we quickly got the shot we were after. 

A bad image for this article would have given future readers a bad impression of Volcap, but now they have an image that they can reuse from a space they hadn’t considered.

If you have a journalist hounding you for a nice shot for a puff piece, then do send me a message!

On Purpose III

You put so much effort into planning your workshops and team away-days, but then the only memories you have from the day—and the only material you have to promote the next one—are grainy photos from your battered iPhone 7 🤦‍♂️

Wouldn’t it be excellent to have photos that capture the energy of the day, and allow you to really sell the next one to future attendees? I’d say so, and so do On Purpose, who get me back over and over to  capture their workshops and photograph the participants.

So if you’d like to me document your next workshop or away-day, then get in touch!

General Assembly Portraits

General Assembly, where I did my front-end web development course, asked me to take portraits of their latest cohort of graduates. These headshots will help them on their way to getting work in their new fields, and make them look professional on LinkedIn and on CVs.

Taking people’s headshots is great because you get to meet many different people all at once, and get to know them for a few minutes. 

Most come in saying they hate having their photo taken but leave happy and cheerful that they’re more photogenic than they imagined!

On Purpose II

Returning to long-time client On Purpose to document and photograph another cohort of inspiring people. 

I attended one of their workshops and took portraits of them for the On Purpose website. 

These jobs are great because I can learn something during the workshop while taking pictures!

Trakke Bags, Autumn

Trakke are a wonderful Scottish company. They make all of their bags by hand and make them to last a lifetime. Jess and I have collaborated with them a few times now, and the relationship shows no sign of diminishing. Their bags have seen us through many journeys near and far, around Europe and all the way to Japan. 

Here are some shots we got of their smaller messenger bag, the Bairn, in Regents Park in London. The Cumin colour-way was perfectly coordinated with the Autumn colours in the leaves. Shame the weather nor scenery is as nice around London now!

WA Comms

This is the sort of work I love. Meeting the staff, documenting interesting people at work, capturing natural interactions… It’s great fun and keeps me on my toes. 

For this shoot, long-time client WA Comms asked me to capture their work for a website revamp, along with shots of the directors and new starters. 

We set up both a studio set up for the headshots and group shots, and then shot in ambient light around the office while the staff went about their work, brainstorming and giving presentations.

I’m very pleased with how the images turned out, and I’m proud to see them in use online.

Birdsong Crowdfunding Campaign Video

To help Birdsong achieve their mission of making fashion size inclusive, fairer, and more ethical, I was brought on to shoot and edit this video. It was great to see into their supply chain and realise for myself the extent of their commitment to ethical fashion. It runs deep.

If this video floats your boat, you can find the campaign and how to pledge here.

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