InCommon: Bringing Generations Together — Video

This film has been a long term project. We filmed in two care homes where school children got to learn from and interact with the older generations in their area. It’s a very heart warming thing to see. The kids and adults in the room are always smiling or looking curious; stories are being shared across decades.

If you’d like to learn more about this wonderful organisation, go to their website.

Evergoods Bags

Jessica Biggs and I worked on these images for the bag company Evergoods. They make some of the finest adventure-ready bags in the world, with the founders hailing from Goruck and Patagonia.

For these images, Evergoods wanted shots in an urban environment. These are part of an ongoing project with the brand.

Images by Jessica Biggs.

Leica M Typ 262

It’s been a long time since I owned a Leica. I sold my M6 many years ago, and I regretted it ever since. Last week I decided to jump back into the rarified world of Leica cameras, this time with the digital Leica M Typ 262. 

The focusing is challenging at first, but the feel of the camera is undeniable. Are they cheap? Absolutely not. Are they unique? Absolutely yes. 

Here are some early shots.

Featuring Jessica Biggs.

InCommon Intergenerational Workshop

InCommon do a wonderful thing: they bring school age children and retirees together to learn and play. It’s life affirming to document this reunion and see how much enjoyment is had by both sides. Laura and Charlotte do a great job, and if you’d to find out more about InCommon then head over to their website.

Alexandra’s Headshots

Fresh off her National Youth Theatre course, Alexandra wanted some new headshots to kick start a new phase in her acting career. We captured a variety of looks and expressions, and I think her modelling experience really came in handy!

Old Journal

Since I have moved my website to this new platform, I will be starting my journal from scratch here. If you would like to see my old posts, the please go to here.


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