Professional Videos for the Small Businesses and Social Enterprises

As you'll see below, I am able to create engaging content as a single man crew, working closely with you and the subjects to create something authentic and impactful.

Birdsong, an ethical fashion label, wanted to create a crowdfunding video that highlight the social enterprises in their supply-chain.

InCommon came to me to create a short video that would explain to the world what they did and how life changing their work can be for both the elderly people and the children they connect. 

Fat Macy's needed a crowdfunding video to promote their campaign to move into their first restaurant. 

Beam wanted to highlight the reasons why people supported their members through their platform to drive engagement.

Dove Pubs came to me to help encourage customers to try some of their exotic beers through staff recommendations.

Dove Pubs wanted to promote their beer tasting events online by showing them in action.