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Below is a selection of my writing from the last few years. I enjoy writing on a variety of topics and in most cases the accompanying photography is my own.

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Year Here & Now

Who Am I Trying to Help?

I wrote this as I got to grips with what I saw at the YMCA North London.

Year Here Consulting Reports for Hounslow Borough Council

Leveraging SMEs

The Hub Cafe

These reports were a joint effort with the Year Here Fellows on my consulting project. 

I wrote for them, provided all imagery, and designed them in InDesign.

Trakke Bags

Travelling as a Couple

This one formed part of a larger bit of social media marketing, alongside an instagram takeover.

Pact Coffee

As well as composing all the social media posts I wrote many blog posts while I worked at Pact Coffee. Here is a selection.

The 3 phases of Pact Direct Trade phase 1

The 3 phases of Pact Direct Trade phase 2

The 3 phases of Pact Direct Trade phase 3

Marcus and his new coffee sorter

Epiphanie, and Buf coffee

The best drip filter coffee you'll ever make

The Pact Affogato aka your new favourite dessert

Finca Filadelfia: The coffee born of three volcanoes

Your brain on coffee

How bananas make the best coffee

The life changing switch from marketing to coffee roasting

Coffee naps and why they're the best

Brendan, the fastest bean sorter in Bermondsey



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